Podcast Episode 2 – Getting Our Confidence Back

  •  PaulR
  •  31/01/2023
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Podcast Episode 2 – Getting Our Confidence Back

Jaydog takes on the topic of life after lockdown and how to build confidence back with a few top tips.

In the second episode of his podcast, Jaydog is joined by Florence, our Campaigns and Communications Coordinator (although it sounds like she struggles to get the title out).

Lockdown may have eased a while ago but many of us are still a long way off from our lives pre-pandemic and so, Stay Up Late has decided that 2023 is the year we get back out there! And that maybe some of us need a little extra help, and that’s okay too!

Jaydog wrote a very topical blog just after lockdown, talking about how people with learning disabilities would need support to feel independent again once things opened up. Nearly a year on and we can see that some people didn’t receive this extra support and have been left to feel worried and unsure.

We’re hoping that by talking about our struggles and getting the word out there, people are going to feel confident enough to ask for help and not worry that it may take them a little while to “get back to normal”.

Enjoy Jaydog’s and Florence’s hot take on life after lockdown, what they struggled with and some top tips to build confidence going out.

Confidence resources

Stay Up Late and their Campaign Ambassadors have also created some resources and have a list of top tips for people who may still be struggling.

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