Podcast #1 from Stay Up Late Scotland

Check out this new Podcast from Michael McEwan at Stay Up Late Scotland. In it he chats with Martin Frater from In Control Scotland.

They nicely make the point that this isn’t about staying up late at all, it’s about being able to lead the lifestyle that you choose, whether that’s staying up late to watch your favourite band with your mates, or maybe getting up at the crack of dawn to walk your dog (I know now I might be stretching things but I do know there’s going to be a campaign launching next year about pets so I thought I’d get you all thinking now).

It’s about individuals not ‘services’

What is of course important is that this is all about, not ‘the service’, the systems of the support provider or the practices of the staff team. (Read more about how it all started as a campaign here)

I think they nail it though when they say it’s become such an entrenched way of working that often nobody questions it. The people with learning disabilities just accept that their night out ends at 9pm, and the support staff don’t question it, or work in a culture where you can’t question things like this.

In the podcast they also chat about some of the exciting things they’ve got lined up in Scotland to enable more and more people with learning disabilities to go to mainstream cultural events – making the bridge between learning disability club nights and the things that the rest of the community get up to.

Next coming up they’ve got an event at Mono who are also a mainstream venue committed to making themselves more inclusive and accessible. And then they’ve got plans to get Gig Buddies going in Glasgow too!

Just imagine what the UK would look like if we could get more groups like Stay Up Late Scotland going! (Well that’s what we working on!!)

Listen to the Podcast here:

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