Our punk idea of the day – national Stay Up Late day

What’s your punk idea? Here’s our one…

As many of you will know Stay Up late started out as an awareness campaign started by the punk band Heavy Load back in 2006. The idea of being ‘punk’ has carried through in to the way we run things at Stay Up Late. We see this as having an idea and making it happen.

For a few years we’ve talked about starting a national Stay Up Late day – but not got round to doing anything about it. I just remembered the idea again this morning – so here’s our punk idea. Let’s start a national Stay Up Late day – and let’s do it tomorrow, the day the clocks go back. That means we get an extra night of Staying Up Late.

We’d love to hear what you get up to too so please send us your photos – or updates about what you did when you Stayed Up Late.

And we’re also going to challenge you to come up with your own punk ideas – what are you going to think of and do today? If you’re on twitter tell us wit #punkideaoftheday

And of course we’ll have much more time to plan next year’s national Stay Up Late day so tell us what you think we should do

Now I’m off to start practising at Kiss My Disco in Lewes





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