Stay Up Late Guides To…

On this page you’ll find a selection of advice sheets we’ve produced

This includes a series of How To guides that arose out of a project with East Sussex County Council around public health promotion. The idea being to equip our volunteers with the tools to be able to hold discreet and natural conversations with our participants about those areas of their lifestyles that might be having an adverse effect on their health. The important thing about our Gig Buddies project is that it’s about friendships and so it was important  that the emphasis was on having natural conversations and not preaching health awareness at our participants. Not always the best thing to talk about when you’re at a gig! The training was accredited and delivered by McCrudden Training and finished with an evening session to develop some easy to read guides.

We also have other advice sheets here for support staff teams and club night organisers.

We hope you find them useful.

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