Notes from November meeting

Storm & Thunder Meeting Nov 2014

Notes by David

We talked about how we communicate with our gig buddy volunteer.

Here’s some of the things the gig buddies said –

‘We use what’s app to message each other, we meet up at 6pm because my buddy works and she gives me 2 days to choose from. We meet in Costa and then we look up on the Internet and decide what gig to go to.’

‘We talk on the phone every 2 weeks and then meet up every other month for coffee and look at leaflets for gigs in my town. I’m not working at the moment so we only go to free gigs.


Discussion about whether James Blunt is good looking. Some of the gig buddies think He’s hot! Some of us don’t!


Ellen – It’s my birthday, I’m going to see James Blunt my favourite singer and I know all the songs off by heart.

Marianne ( H’s PA) – is engaged!

Michael – Might be moving towns.

Harry – My news is that I am getting married!

Dan – Shared a story


Ellen going to Peter Twain- will link in with other gig buddies Dan & Luke so hopefully they can go together.

We have been asked to make a film called – What Do You Dream Of? For Art-is

The gig buddies dream of meeting their favourite pop and rock stars! Queen, Lauren Platt, James Blunt, Singing on stage!


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