Notes from March meeting

Meeting 17th March 2015

written by Chris

The team spoke about how gig buddies has changed their lives, and what makes a good gig buddy.

We made a spider chart and stuck their ideas on the chart for what we would like to do in the future.

Dan made a card for new staff member called Holly who is working as our new admin assistant.

Luc and Sam (Lucs PA) spoke about how they are going to organise a Eurovision Party at a local venue to support a band with learning disbilities from Finland. The team said that they are very keen to show support and have some great ideas.

The team was asked if they had any other ideas that gig buddies can do for a social event:

Singing competition (with singstar)

Pub in lewes eg volunteer

Berhana said she would like to do a quiz night and be the quiz master

Dance competition run by dan

70s or 80s night

The team went out side to the park to make a video for Berhana and David to present to the council about gig buddies

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