Minutes from February’s meeting

Photo on 17-02-2015 at 16.35Who was there? Harry, Chris, David, Michael, Bernie, Luc, Dan, Claire, Jamie, Kate & Rosie-It was a big meeting today and for some of us it was our first! As Madeline and Paul were away, Harry helped take the meeting this month.


What did we discuss?

We talked about how we can make sure we are getting the best out of our storm and thunder meetings. We discussed-

  • The best way to document what we do in the meetings- David suggested writing things down, Claire suggested videoing some of it, and Kate suggested taking photos. We thought it could be fun to make a storm and thunder scrapbook with photos, artwork, stories and all the things we do at the meetings.
  • The best way to communicate between meetings- Claire suggested phone calls were a good method of communication, and everyone agreed sending out invites to the meetings in the post was good too
  • The best way to make sure everyone gets to have their say- We decided it would be good to go round in a circle and let one person talk at a time, to always listen to one another when we give ideas, and to carry on having fun!
  • How to reflect on what we have done since being a part of Gig Buddies- We decided that if we have enjoyed ourselves at the events we have been to and if we feel happy afterwards then this was a good way to tell that its going well! Going to new places and meeting new people is a great way to reflect on how well things are going- and of course if we are staying up late more than we used to! We thought that writing down positive quotes, putting photos on the Facebook page and the website could also be a good idea
  • What makes a good coordinator at the meetings-We decided it was really important that whoevers helping lead the meeting listens to everyone. Kate came up with the idea that each month someone different could lead the meetings, so next month Jamie and Daniel will be helping to co-lead!
  • How to make decisions- We though voting on things such as what to do in meetings could be a good, fair way of deciding.

Overall, we decided storm and thunder meetings should be:

  • A supportive place
  • A place to be creative, such as writing stories
  • A place to plan events
  • A place to share experiences


Admin Worker

As Gig Buddies are looking to recruit an admin assistant, we also talked about some of the requirements the new team member should have

  • Good on the computer
  • Good phone manner
  • A good listener
  • Organised
  • Good with people
  • Good time keeping
  • Good with numbers
  • Likes music


In-between the discussions, we had some great entertainment-Harry sung with some help from Kate and David played us some piano! We sung two renditions of Happy Birthday to Jamie and then to Claire and we also took some photos that we could use to start our storm and thunder scrapbook.

Photo on 17-02-2015 at 16.35 #2


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