Meeting notes – Storm and Thunder team 20th Oct ’15

Who came to the meeting?

At today’s Storm and Thunder meeting we had Jamie, David, Chris, Daniel, Andrew, Bernie, Claire, Chris R, Chris L

Group agreements were written up by Daniel

Everyone shared some news…..

  • Jamie – Me and David made a slo mo video. I thrashed my gig buddy again at bowling! I would like Madeline to play with us next time.
  • David – we did a happiness walk and I made a film about it.
  • Chris – I have been doing lots of work for the night walk.
  • Daniel – we had the Japanese visitors and Kate and I did a presentation about Gig Buddies then I took them on the train on my own.
  • Andrew – I have birthday plans! My knee is better and Revs are playing at Rock House.
  • Bernie – been going out, only known as Elton now.
  • Claire – I am working on the door at Rock House tonight.
  • Chris – I have recovered from the Eastbourne gig at the beer festival! First one I did and it was great and I got home ok. Went to Eastbourne and it was my first time on a green bus!

Sarah from Speak Out shared some news too.

She talked about their meetings and activities they organise such as ‘open the gate’ ‘Amex tickets’

Planning Gig Buddies Christmas celebration

Ideas are…..

Have one in Brighton on the 15th December. Have a meal and then go the Rock House.

Have one in Eastbourne the same day as Kiss My Disco so that student volunteers can come.

Everyone agreed to the Brighton celebration except Jamie who would like to do the KMD in Eastbourne.

Looking through the easy read info about the Stay Up Late campaign

We looked through it to make sure everyone understood.

We looked at the pictures to see if we liked the way they were used.

Wheel of fortune

Meeting notes - Storm and Thunder team meeting 20th Oct '15

We used the meeting to come up with a list of ‘new experiences’ so when people spin the wheel it lands on something that they have to go and try!

Some ideas were………

Going to London

Cook dinner

Go to a festival

And do a forfeit!

Andrew said it’s similar to his work at the Q Team meetings which is trying new things and finding inspirations. It is also a good challenge!

Prep for AGM

We discussed what the AGM meeting was all about (see other blogs on here to find out what this is) and if anyone would like to help and have a role or just come along.

If we have time…Gig Meet-ups

We want to support people to meet up and go to a gig in their local area each month.

We already do this with Gig Buddies socials, but we find it harder to recruit volunteers in parts of East Sussex, and we want to make sure that people don’t miss out there.

We also want to ensure that people get supported to go out every month, even if their gig buddy isn’t able to help them that month.

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