Meeting 7 – Planning for some visitors from all over Europe!

Today’s discussion was planning for when people visit Brighton as part of Art-Is. On the Friday evening, we will be taking our visitors, who come from Malta, Spain, Iceland and Belgium out to a load of different gigs in Brighton. We had a look at what was on and decided who would lead what.

We decided that the team would be ‘Gig Leaders’ and take people out to music of their choice.

In preparation for their arrival, Ellen taught the group some Spanish!!!

Ellen decided that we should set our visitors a challenge – each group should see if they can get their photo taken with the musicians that are playing. They should get their photo taken outside the venue as well! And see if they could buy a CD of the band to play in the workshop the next day.

Bernie discussed when he attended the trustees meeting in December. He talked about the idea of Gig Buddies having business cards to hand out, to tell people they meet about the project.

Ellen and Sarah had been out with their gig buddies the night before. They had met a band from Birmingham, and reviewed the evening on the big gig buddies blog. Ellen was new to the team, so she also reviewed Shakedown, which she attended a few months ago.


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