Meeting 6 – planning a sleepover! – and celebrating Luc’s film award

Today’s discussion was about having a sleepover themed party! Our ideas for this were:

– Hire a hall

– Have lots of loud music

– Have lots of eating, drinking, dancing

– Do it at a weekend

Today we also said congratulations to Luc for winning the Oska Bright film festival award!

We watched Luc’s film and here’s his now legendary acceptance speech – just click here

Today we also talked about the Christmas social / Sarah’s birthday party!

This was a lovely night but we noted that Sarah had left her gig buddies social / birthday party early because her support workers had made her come home.  We thought this was wrong.

Dan wrote a letter to the manager of her house and they said they were sorry and that it was a mistake.

It was a lovely evening though and here’s some photos of it


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