Meeting 4 – Planning the Christmas social and writing reviews

Today we talked about:
1. Sarah’s birthday and how we can combine this with the gig buddies Christmas social.
2. Daniel talked about his trip to Iceland as part of the Art-is project. See this blog for more info about that and some pictures from this amazing trip.
3. Gigs we’ve enjoyed going to see.
4. We did more work on the blog and we want more people to send their reviews in too.
5. Reviewing template. We talked about coming up with a simple form to help people write their own reviews. Here’s a picture of what we came up with…

Review template

6. Conferences. We talked about some of the conferences coming up that Stay Up Late will be at; Learning Disability Wales, British Institute of Learning Disabilities, Learning Disability Today and the ‘It’s Not On’ hate-crime conference. Some of the Storm and Thunder Team will be at the ‘It’s Not On’ conference so we spent most of the time planning for that.

Sarah’s gave us her review of the Tunabunny gig she went to “I really enjoyed it, it was really good!”

We then spent some time planning for the next Gig Buddies Social and made a design for the invitations.

invite copy

We also thought it would be good to come up with the Gig Buddies ‘manifesto’ – what we believe in. This is what we said:

– We are all equal
– Everyone should have a ‘voice’ and be listened to
– We want happy staff
– Everyone should feel like they belong and feel supported
– Everyone should have a great life
– Use the internet to help you make choices about what you do
– No labels
– We should be able to have sex and relationships
– There should be no places where disabled people can’t go

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