Meeting 1 – Getting to know each other and ideas for Staying Up Late

Today we introduced ourselves to each other and talked about who we are.
We made these boxes – inside these boxes we put wrote, and drew pictures, of the things that we like doing, and things about us.

Storm and Thunder boxes

We talked about Stay Up Late and what it does. We talked about:

–       How it started as a campaign for disabled people, where paid carers were saying,
“It’s 9pm, time to go home”. And then you’re stuck at home and bored!
–       People should be able to decide when they go to bed and what they do.
–       How it’s about meeting new friends.
–       How it’s about deciding what time you go to bed and what you do.

Michael straight

We shared our ideas about how we could have more control over how late we stay up. Our ideas were:

“Wait until staff are in the sleeping room, then sneak back downstairs!”

“Come in like a mouse, so you don’t wake people up!”

“Come in and shout HELLO!!!”

“Drinking more beer would be nice”

“Stay in and watch TV”

“Public transport is a problem – get a taxi?”

Then we talked about what Gig Buddies is and we talked about what these meetings are for. Our ideas were:

–       Making the group leaders of Stay Up Late.
–       Having thoughts on how to run Gig Buddies and Stay Up Late.
–       Promoting choice and enabling other people to have choices.

Re-naming the advisory group

We talked about a better name for the advisory group. Our ideas were:

–       Get Again
–       Storm Gigs
–       Storm and Thunders
–       Late Crew
–       Keeping Up Late
–       The Late Keepers

We had a vote on the best name and ‘Storm and Thunders’ was the most popular. We decided on ‘Storm and Thunder Team’.

At the end of this busy meeting we also started to talk about “What makes a good social life, and what makes life fun?” 

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