Meet Karen – running in the Brighton marathon for us

Karen is a Gig Buddies volunteer and has run the Brighton marathon for us before and so we thought it would be nice to also interview her to find out more about her preparations and what’s she’s been going through these past years!

Have you run any marathon’s before?

I ran it for the fist time last year and loved it. I was inspired to do it to raise money for stay up late and also because it seemed like such a great challenge.

How’s the training been going?

It is very a long and tough process getting up early to train for the last five months. It changes the way you eat, sleep and spend your weekends. I run with 2 running groups each week to make me stick to the programme and have people to talk to and share the experience.

Do you listen to music while you train?

If running by myself I always listen to music and the first half marathon I did, I only listened to the Clash Live at Shea Stadium album. It was perfect…

If so what’s your playlist?

For this marathon I have the same playlist as the last, titled the Shoreham Misery Mix for a tough stage of the race. But its an uplifting mixture of punk, northern soul and disco which you need to cheer you up in the tough bits. In the windy Half Marathon – Chic’s Good Times came up and made me laugh at the absurdity.

Why did you choose to run for us?

Because I volunteer for you and see what great work you do. I am passionate about music and want everyone to be able to have a great gig life. It is much more rewarding to run for a smaller charity you feel committed to, it really helps you get to the start and the finish line. Last year you hugged me at a difficult bit of the race, you don’t get that with a bigger charity.

[I was amazed you had the energy to run over and hug me – it was lovely!] – Paul

What’s your breakfast on marathon day?

Cereal, toast and very strong black coffee.

Which bit of the route are you looking forward most?

The start, Shoreham Harbour when no one is watching and the last 200 metres which is heavenly.

How are you going to celebrate after?

A glass of champagne and chips, but you feel quite sick for hours after. But last year I did eat 3 dinners once I had recovered

What are you running numbers

(so we can look out for you and cheer you on)

You dont get the number until Friday when you pick it up from the race village. But I will have my Stay up late – Karen vest on. Last year that got a cheer from Fat Boy Slim as I ran past him.

What’s your favourite piece of music to relax to?

(after you’ve run 26.22miles round the streets of Brighton and Hove?)

I really like hearing the songs that most cheered me up from my running mix tape. So probably would choose The Smiths There is a Light that Never Goes Out

[Let’s hope Karen doesn’t run in to any ten ton trucks though]

Thank you Karen – and you can support Karen’s fundraising here through Just Giving

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