Meet Jade – running for us in the Brighton Marathon

We’ve got 3 fabulous runners fundraising for us in this year’s Brighton marathon. Here’s an interview with Jade one of these awesome people…

Have you run any marathon’s before?

This is my second marathon, my first was Brighton in 2013. For my mum it’s her first marathon and she’s doing it to tick it off from her bucket list. 

How’s the training been going?

Training has been going well, challenging at times as the weather has been against us and that’s just the wind I’m referring to! It’s definitely a mental and physical task as your constantly thinking of how your body feels and what you should be doing after a run to make sure you can walk the next day!

Do you listen to music while you train?

I used to listen to music but now I find it quite distracting and when you run in a group it can be quite antisocial. In the later stages of a long run your mind can wonder to and it can be quite dangerous and you have to remember to switch your brain back on.

Why did you choose to run for us?

We chose to run for this particular charity as it really makes you put yourself in their position and realise that without the help of others we cannot achieve  simple tasks. We all take for granted being able to go to concerts but without the support from this Charity this wouldn’t happen.

What’s your breakfast on marathon day?

Breakfast on marathon day will be porridge, sounds boring but the tried and tested always works!

Which bit of the route are you looking forward to?

During training we have covered most of the route, in my previous experience not only is the last section great as you know it’s nearly over! But this is the most well supported part and it really brings home what an amazing achievement it is.

How are you going to celebrate after?

We are going to celebrate with a big roast after!

What are you running numbers

(so we can look out for you and cheer you on)?

Are running number are currently unknown as we need to collect them at the marathon exhibition. 

What’s your favourite piece of music to relax to?

(after you’ve run 26.22miles round the streets of Brighton and Hove?)

My favourite piece of music to relax to after would be Moby- porcelain so I can imagine myself on a beach warming my tired body in the sun ☀️

To support Jade and Natasha’s epic effort for us please click here Local Giving Fundraising Page


Thank you Jade, Natasha and Karen for running for us and good luck – we’ll be cheering you on!

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