Life in Lockdown – Daniel’s blog

Life in Lockdown – Daniel’s blog

Daniel Randall-Nason is a Stay Up Late Ambassador and one of the charity’s trustees. Here he updates us on how he’s coping with the coronavirus lockdown, what activities he’s been trying out and what he most looks forward to doing when this is over.

During this lockdown period I have been doing tapestry work, reading, colouring and various activities – and enjoying the nice sunny weather in our garden and keeping safe and staying in touch with our friends and family. I’ve also been listening to the Sunday service on the phone on the computer which I enjoy.

When this is over and we get back to normal I’m really looking forward to going to conferences again and clearing the buffet table – and having a barbecue on the beach while dancing to Slade.

What are your plans after lockdown ends? Let us know!


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