Just Say No!vember  – what’s this all about?

‘Just Say No!’ is going to be our mantra for next month, that’s why we’re calling it ‘Just Say No!vember’.

The past few years have been an incredible time for us as our work. Our staff team has grown, we’ve been building new relationships with other organisations in other parts of the UK, and the world, to deliver the Gig Buddies project.

Just Say No!vember

People can clearly see the impact of our work and the positive outcomes for people with learning disabilities. This means we have loads of people contacting us regularly who want to perhaps discuss new partnerships, potential collaborations or just want to chat to find out how we’ve gone about developing our work.

We’re not stopping altogether – just refocussing

All of the interest in our work (and demand for it) is of course all to be welcomed. Sometimes though this can get a little overwhelming. This is also an important time for us as charity. We’ve been doing a lot of work recently behind the scenes to work out our further plans and direction for our work for the next few years.

So what with our Annual General Meeting coming up (which is open to anyone who wants to come) we’ve decided that next month is the perfect time to take stock. And like Zammo said, “Just Say No!”

(For those of you who aren’t fans of Grange Hill, or old enough to remember, here’s a link to learn more about the Zammo reference!)

We will of course be keeping to any commitments that we already have. We just won’t arrange any meetings of any sort for the whole month.

Why November?

This is is a key time for our work and we’ve got lots we’re planning on (and that Big News to work on). So it seemed like a sensible time of the year to take stock. 

Of course it’s also the only month with ‘No’ in it. So when else could you say “Just Say No!vember”?

And we will of course be there for the day to day running of things, just not all those other things. We hope you understand.

As a team we need to take care of ourselves. A month of looking after ourselves will enable us to be much more effective as we develop our work.

Oh, and if you want to know something of our plans for our ongoing work we will be revealing some big news at our Annual General Meeting.

Our rules for ‘Just Say No!vember’

  1. We’ll not stop doing our regular work
  2. We’ll answer then phone
  3. We won’t arrange any phone meetings, Skype meetings, of even any cheeky coffees.
  4. We’ll of course meet any existing meetings and bookings that we have for events etc
  5. Gig Buddies will continue to run as usual

To keep up to date on our latest news (and to find out what our Big News is) do join our mailing list.

We’ll see you on the other side of November. Thanks for your support in helping us to say ‘Just Say No!vember’

Paul and the team at Stay Up Late


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