July 2016 Meeting – What makes an amazing gig buddy?


We were visited by people from the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. They were researching what makes good and bad support.

We helped the gig buddies staff to develop an infographic to help gig buddy volunteers make their gig buddy relationship as amazing as it can be!


Tuesday 19th July


Research with Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

Christine and Gil are here from foundation for people with learning disabilities.

Support the rights of people with learning disabilities and their families.

Doing a piece of work with health education in England – talking to people with learning disabilities about support – what people with disabilities think good and bad support is.

Looking at pictures and reviewing if the photo represents good or bad practice.

Storm and Thunders thoughts on what would make a good support worker ‘good’:

  • Taking bags off wheelchair
  • Not to use mobile phones within support time
  • Help the person in the wheelchair more
  • Asking what they want to do
  • Support worker to carry the bags
  • Need more quality checkers to monitor support work
  • Use of Makaton

What’s important qualities for support workers:

  • Turning up on time
  • Being kind and patient/respect
  • Looks and listens to me (eye contact)
  • Let me speak up for myself
  • Is clean and tidy
  • Is flexible – it’s ok if I change my plans – some support workers aren’t flexible
  • Have a positive attitude – you have to be positive as a support worker even if you don’t want to be or don’t like something.
  • Keeping a promise.
  • Keep their attention on me and not on other things e.g. on their mobile phone.

The team chose 3 points out of the 9 that are most important to them.

What kind of skills and knowledge are important in support workers

  • Medication: important
  • Health needs: important
  • Leisure activities: important
  • Part of the community: important, gig buddies is like a community
  • Keep in ouch with family + friends: important: support workers can help with seeing family and friends.
  • Using public transport: most are independent
  • Find a job
  • Help me learn about money: important
  • Learning and college: Important
  • Find the right home: Important
  • Dressing and washing: Not as important
  • Making snacks and cooking: Not as important
  • Shopping: Not as important
  • Using technology: Important
  • Helping me to speak or communicate my needs: Important

Review of meeting so far:

  • very informative

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Infographic on what makes a good or bad volunteer

Things we should add that are essential for a gig buddy:

  • Being on time
  • Good/clear communication + well planned organised and clear.
  • Working together on making plans
  • Good friends and rapport
  • Making sure you go somewhere that you like, not forcing you to go places that you don’t like.
  • Giving notice if you are leaving your gig buddy for whatever reason

Things Storm and Thunder agreed with that make gig buddying ‘amazinger’

  • Going the extra mile

Things we should add to the things that can make Gig Buddying more amazinger:

  • Friendship

Ideas to add for how you can show your Gig Buddy that you love spending time with them

  • Meeting Gig Buddy’s friends
  • Review sheet
  • Not feeling stressed or tired when they come and get you
  • Positive attitude- seeing that they’re looking forward to going out with you
  • Finding things that you know your gig buddy will love that are very specific to them.
  • Go somewhere that you like

Additional comments:

  • Bring this to volunteer training
  • Proper spelling/Grammar (p.2)
  • Getting to know family not so important

You can check out the infographic here!

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