Julian’s ‘pull tips’

  •  Florence Little
  •  14/02/2023
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For Valentines this year we wanted to share Julian’s (very classily named) “pull tips”. Many years ago at a Kiss My Disco night he shared his wisdom with us and wrote this simple guide on how to find love on a night out.


1)    Look around for a girl you like.

2)    Wait until she smiles at you.

3)    Go up and ask if she would like a drink.

4)    Ask her about her hobbies.

5)    Speak to her about those hobbies and interests.

6)    Then when she ask you, you talk about your hobbies and interests.

7)    When she leaves ask her for her number.

8)    Then wait one day because if you call too soon she’ll think you’re after sex. Leave it too late and she’ll think you’re not interested so wait one day.

9)    Always smell nice and dress smartly.

10)  Always keep eye contact and smile.

I’m sure you’ll all agree, that although simple, and to the point, these tips are helpful and remind us that finding love and connection always starts with an awkward hello!

PS: We take no responsibility for the consequences of this advice (good or bad, haha).

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Florence Little

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