Join the Campaign

There are many ways that you could get involved, here are some suggestions:

Support Stay Up Late

Become a Supporter. Please email us at and we’ll keep you up to date with what’s going on.

Keep us updated, too! Contact us with your stories and photos which we’ll add to the website.

Talk to your staff and tell them when you’d like to go out later or do something different. And if you are staff talk about the issue in your teams and think about how you can support people to do enjoy live music and go clubbing. Ask for one of our #NoBedtimes campaign packs and we can send you leaflets, stickers, advice sheets and a campaign guide. Details here

If you have a learning disability or autism and would like to help campaign for Stay Up Late think about becoming one of our Ambassadors. Details here

Got any other good ideas? If you think there’s something else we can do, or you know someone who can help spread the word, let us know.

Become a Gig Buddy

If you live in Sussex, you may want to consider joining the Gig Buddies project.

You can also find out about other Gig Buddies projects around the country here.

Start your own Stay Up Late night

You can stage your own night or even just go out with your mates in the name of Stay Up Late. And you are welcome to use our logo to help advertise it. However, we do ask that if you are organising an evening event do make sure you run it until at least 10pm if you want to use our logo. We’ve also got a handy advice sheet for club night organisers. Visit the resources section of our website here

Help us by donating

Our community need you! Help more more adults with a learning disability get out and have fun. And help learning disabled people have their voices heard. All donations make a huge difference. Thanks a million for your support from The Stay Up Late  community. Donate here

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