“It’s not painful. Just do it!” Daniel’s Covid vaccination blog

“Just do it. It’s not painful. Do it.” Daniel discusses his first Covid vaccination

Stay Up Late Ambassador, Daniel Randall-Nason recently had his first vaccination against Covid-19. He will have his second one in twelve weeks and is pleased with the protection it’s going to give him. Adults with a learning disability are often more vulnerable to the virus and Daniel and his housemates have been made a priority for receiving the vaccine.

Here Daniel discusses what it’s like having the vaccine and what it will mean to him when he’s fully vaccinated against Covid.

Darren: “I’m here with Daniel. Good morning. We are talking about vaccinations today. You are one of our Ambassadors and one of our Gig Buddies and you’ve recently got your first Covid vaccination. What was that like?”

Daniel: “It was great. Just straight in, straight out. Five minutes really. Straight in straight out.”

Darren: “So it wasn’t at all painful then?”

Daniel: “No, No. She said a slight scratch and in it went and out in two seconds.”

Darren: “Cool. And you have to have another one in a few weeks time do you?

Daniel: “Twelve weeks.”

Darren: “So you’ve got to wait twelve weeks for the next one. And then you’ll be fully vaccinated?

Daniel: “I think I’ve still got to wait a bit though. I don’t think they’ll let me go out immediately.”

Darren: “So once you’ve had your second vaccination and you’ve had your waiting period and you will then be fully vaccinated, what will you feel like then when you can start going to places?

Daniel: “I’ll be bouncing all over the country again.”

Darren: “It will be an amazing feeling won’t it to know you can go out and be safe! So what would be your message to anyone about having a vaccine?”

Daniel: “Just do it. It’s perfect. It’s not painful. Do it!”

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