Invite to our AGM – 12th Oct ’14

#punkAGM – join us to make change happen…


Now that we’re officially on Nesta’s list of New Radicals we realise the pressure is on to stay radical.

However, we had already planned to hold a different kind of Annual General Meeting this year, before we got the great news from Nesta.

As a charity there are some things we need to do at our AGM to make sure we’re run legally (such as elections and passing the accounts) but we’d like to invite anybody who’s interested in our work to come along.

The official part of the AGM won’t take too long and then we’re going to spend the rest of the time having an ‘Open Space Forum’ where you will be invited to share your ideas and collaborate with us in developing our work.

Don’t worry if you’ve never been to something like this before either, the rules are there are very few rules, just come along and join in however you can.

We’ll also be sharing what we get up to online using the hashtag #punkAGM and to help stimulate some thought these are the things that the trustees have been talking about as key areas we need to focus on. 

The two main things we think we should focus on are:

1. Growing Gig Buddies

Developing our plan to grow the Gig Buddies project in Sussex and enabling other organisations to use the Gig Buddies model, and grow Gig Buddies across the UK building a national movement of volunteerism through gigs!

This also means creating a long-term future for Gig Buddies – at least a 3 year plan.

2. Leading and creating a movement

We want to build on the success we had with the original Stay Up Late campaign, the level of awareness that we generated and all the connections we now have through this. We’ve had great success at raising awareness and reminding people of how bad things can be for people with learning disabilities in the UK. We now want to move things forward and find ways to make changes.

These some of the other things we could do to develop our work, and the charity (in no particular order):

1.Building our team

We want to be able to employ more staff to take the pressure off the current team and enable us to grow our work and influence. As we grow it is also a priority that we find opportunities to employ people with learning disabilities.

2. Developing links between the Storm and Thunder Team and the board of trustees (and enabling members of Storm and Thunder to become board members)

3. Create an apprenticeship for a younger person

4. Create an apprenticeship for a person with a learning disability

5. Develop the Gig Buddies web app and create a better online presence for the Gig Buddies community

6. Developing our fundraising strategy

7. Developing our admin systems

8. Creating a system to manage all our data (to help us run our projects and demonstrate the impact of our work)

9. Involving our ‘stakeholders’ in our work and having a culture of openness, transparency and collaboration

10. Developing our online shop

11. Creating awareness events and publicity stunts

12. Delivering creative workshops with a focus on our work

13. Building on the ART-is project with our European partners

14. Developing our presence at music festivals

15. Develop corporate links for sponsorship

16. Creating downloadable resources for the website – ‘how to Stay Up Late guides’ – alcohol, health, sex, drugs, staying safe etc

We hope the above list will feed your imagination and of course you may have other ideas and suggestions so please come along on 12th Oct and share these or feel free to email any thoughts to Paul

Download a summary of our strategic aims here

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