Introducing our conference speakers – meet Fin!

  •  PaulR
  •  06/03/2019
  •  News

Stay Up Late’s (un)Ordinary conference in London on March 26th is a conference with a difference. While the majority of those in the audience will be professionals working in the social care sector, all of those giving speeches, leading workshops or making presentations will have a learning disability.

The conference will cover three main themes – communities, relationships and work – and will look at ways in which we can work together to overcome the barriers society puts up and ensure people with learning disabilities can lead an ordinary life.

In the run-up to the conference we’ll be introducing a number of our speakers. Today we say hello to Fin Williams.


“I am 16 and have autism and cerebral palsy. I live in London and go to a special school in Croydon. I have been to lots of schools and some of them weren’t very nice to me. They said I was naughty and locked me in rooms and held me a lot. I go to a school now where everybody is really nice and I don’t get angry any more. I want people to be nice and friendly. When teachers and people weren’t nice I used to hit and get angry. I was very sad. Now people are nice and I am happy. I like funny people who smile. I don’t like talking in front of people and so I have written a talk with my dad and he will read it out. I am funnier than him. I like Marvel.”

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