Introducing our conference host – meet Tilley!

  •  PaulR
  •  05/03/2019
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Stay Up Late’s (un)Ordinary conference in London on March 26th is a conference with a difference. While the majority of those in the audience will be professionals working in the social care sector in one form or another, all of those giving speeches, leading workshops or making presentations will have a learning disability.

The conference will cover three main themes – communities, relationships and work – and will look at ways in which we can work together to overcome the barriers society puts up and ensure people with learning disabilities can lead an ordinary life. Our conference host for the day will be the incredible Tilley Milburn.

Tilley and Del the Piggie are just like the very best of pals, who happen to work together, perform together, create and host things together! They engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds and love to encourage people to get involved, feel comfortable to open up and be themselves. Put it this way, they revel at being at one with the audience, for example “Puffing and Wooling” – creating the most comfortable, peaceful, inspiring, mesmerising and happy place to be. Otherwise, Tilley writes her own songs, well the lyrics anyhow; sings with good range and plenty of emotion; she expresses her somewhat difficult past experiences through her comic strip collaborations with Ben Connors; creates wonderful, varied performance art work with Del, as well as Catherine Dunne, amongst others! In all honesty, let her improvise and simply let her be her truest possible self, as too much scripting and critiquing can inhibit her, and why on earth would you want to do that?!

Find out more about Tilley here

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