“I felt like I was in a big time machine” – Rohan’s lockdown blog

Rohan Lowe is an Ambassador for Stay Up Late and lives in Brighton. He is also a member of our Quality Checking team. Here, he shares his thoughts on Covid and lockdown these past few months.

Rohan’s Covid & Lockdown Blog

How I felt at the beginning?

I felt like I was in a big time machine as I could not do things that I do before.

What I miss?

I miss going to enjoy Brighton and Hove Albion play at the Amex and going to see live music and going to all of my Stay Up Late socials.

Is there anything good about Covid times?

It gives you more time to do things that you could not do before.

How I feel now 6 months into it?

Things I am grateful for:  Hmm I am grateful for my friends and family.

We are very grateful to Rohan for sharing his thoughts with us. One of the ideas Rohan came up with during lockdown was a letter to the Prime Minister asking that government information about Covid was made available in accessible formats and that press conferences were easier to follow. You can read the letter from Rohan and his fellow Ambassadors here

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