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The Stay Up Late Guide to Building Confidence

  •  Florence Little
  •  19/05/2023
  •  News

The Stay Up Late Guide to Building Confidence

Earlier this year, we ran a campaign that centred around people’s lack of confidence following the lockdowns.

We’d been speaking to lots of people who just hadn’t managed to get back to the same level of socialising, or even back out at all. A whole year and a half later they were still struggling with fears and uncertainties. What were the rules? Did they need to be afraid? We brought it up during an ambassadors’ meeting and spoke about what issues people were facing (read more here). Our ambassadors felt that some kind of support was needed, a reminder that lots of us felt the same way!

Lots of chatting, planning and zooms later, and “The Stay Up Late Guide to Dancing, Prancing and Staying Safe and Healthy After Lockdown” was born! (Also known as Stay Up Late’s Guide to Building Confidence).

This guide talks about different ways to approach your fears and has a wonderful cartoon to boot – created by Ned, a fantastic cartoonist with learning disabilities. We hope that by sharing this resource, we can all support each other to enjoy gigs and get back out there! We’ve all struggled and it’s important to make sure that no one is left behind. As always, having a rich and fulfilling social life is an important human right for all of us, let’s make it happen!

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Florence Little

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