Good For Nothing Brighton

The other week I got a phone call from the people at Good For Nothing who’d heard about our Gig Buddies plans and wondered if we’d be up for working with them at this weekend’s event. It’s advertised as a 2 day camp for techies where they work hard, experiment, laugh off failure, listen to loud music and ultimately do some Good For Nothing!

That’s an offer you can’t refuse so I’m off to the event this evening to give them our proposition for how they may to be able to help us.  Who knows what they may come up with?
After tonight’s presentations it’s back for breakfast tomorrow morning and handing over the ‘baby’ to get the ball rolling. Then it’s back on Sunday evening for them to hand back the ‘monster’, let’s just hope it’s only got 3 heads!

It’s all very exciting stuff though and you can find out more here and you can follow it on Twitter #summerofLove

What a lovely bunch of people though!


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