Glastonbury Festival 2016 preparations

We’re busy getting ready for Glastonbury Festival 2016, here’s what we’ve been up to

We’ve been supporting some of our Gig Buddies as access stewards at the festival for the past 3 years (thanks to our friends at Attitude is Everything who do an amazing job of organising the stewards for all the accessible viewing platforms) and we’re really looking forward to Glastonbury Festival 2016!

Last year we applied to run a stall there and provide Punk and Funk make-overs to festival goers and we’re off there again this year and we’ve been busy preparing. This post is a look at some of what we’ve been up to.

The road to Glastonbury starts here

Glastonbury Festival 2016in the beautiful Sussex countryside on a beautiful Spring day.

Marquee practice

In Stanmer Park working out how we put up our new marquee.

Glastonbury Festival 2016Volunteer James looks like he’s got the right idea.

Glastonbury Festival 2016

David (‘Briggsy’) untangling all the ropes.

Glastonbury Festival 2016

What’s that living in our tent? A family of shrews!

Glastonbury Festival 2016

Glastonbury Festival 2016

This is a piece of cake.

Glastonbury Festival 2016

A few adjustments and we’re there.Glastonbury Festival 2016

Hang on a minute. There’s something not quite right about this!

Glastonbury Festival 2016

It’s inside out! Good job we practiced.

Camping practice

The next part of our preparations was a camping practice trip and a lovely night out is was too.

Glastonbury Festival 2016 Glastonbury Festival 2016 Glastonbury Festival 2016

It even rained to get us really in the Glastonbury mood.

Then it was time to head off to the local pub.Glastonbury Festival 2016

David amazed us with some of his magic tricks and mind-bending skills.

Glastonbury Festival 2016

Then back to the campsite to sit round the fire, a favourite thing of ours to do at the end of a long day at Glastonbury.

Practicing our activities

The next step was a practice go at our craft activities and face painting skills.

Glastonbury Festival 2016Glastonbury Festival 2016

There’s still a few things we still need to do but we’re nearly there and ready to embark on another Glastonbury adventure. Just as soon as we work out exactly how we’re going to fit everything in our van!

See you in the Green Futures Area.


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