Gig Buddies in Australia – Day 8

chinatownToday was our last day in Sydney so we went off to Paddy’s Market – the place to get your souvenirs and another chance to soak up some sunshine, we’re still having to remind ourselves that it’s not going to be summer when we get home, and will be in for a shock.


It was a quiet day today as we had a long night ahead of us, needing to get through passport control at 4am – so a mammoth night of staying up late (or at least trying to).

Before we left we had a curry kindly cooked by our hosts sitting out on the back porch of one of their houses listening to possums in the trees. It was a lovely end to a wonderful trip, which flew by and we’re so excited to be working with the crew from ACL Disability Services, there is such a large amount of interest in rolling Gig Buddies out to other parts of Australia.


Before going to the airport there was time for a very late night coffee at Circular Quay to take one last look at the Opera House, reflect back on our trip and think about what we can do match the amazing level of hospitality when members of the ACL team visit Brighton later this year. Paul’s going to have to do better than his suggestion of a bag of chips on the beach.

Looking back at the trip the whole thing seems like a very strange dream, especially coming back to the damp and wet climate in England, its hard to believe we’ve been all the way to Australia and that Gig Buddies is growing, but we did and it is.

Now we’re back we’ll be reflecting on what we learned from the trip, but first there’s a new intake of volunteers to train next weekend, and funding applications to be written to hopefully enable more people to get involved in Gig Buddies.

And I know we’ve said it loads but we really can’t say it enough – thank you ACL Disability Services, your generosity and support has been just incredible. Looking forward to working with you more.

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