The new pop-up campaign stand on sale now!

  •  PaulR
  •  15/05/2015
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In our post ‘keeping the revolution positive’ we spoke about our plan to create a pop-up campaign stall for use at club nights around the country which will have two aims:

  • To raise awareness of the campaign and find out why people are leaving early.
  • To find out who those staff are who manage to support people to Stay Up Late and find out how they do it.

For us this second aim is the most important as we then want to meet with some of these staff and film short video interviews to find out how they do what they do so we can share these and hopefully inspire other managers to change the way they support people.


So here it is, here’s our pop-up campaign stand. The contents are:

  • Pop-up banner stand x 1
  • Stay Up Late leaflets x 1000
  • Green Cards x 1000
  • Stay Up Late stickers x 1000
  • t-shirts x 2(please let us know the best sizes)
  • black table cloth x 1
  • Clip boards and questionnaires x2


If you’d like one of these we’d be happy to get one made for you, and we’re needing to charge £160 which includes postage. (For overseas postage please get in touch).

We’ll also be happy to provide a little bit of guidance on how we’d like to see the stands run – we don’t want people to be scared off and not return to your club after all! But we do want to encourage support staff and managers to think about ways in which they can provide more flexible support and enable people with learning disabilities to lead an active social life.

To order you stand drop Paul a line at





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