Making a free will

It feels like an awkward thing to write about, but it is a fact of life that we all die one day. Thinking about your legacy and planning for the end of your life can be difficult, but leaving something in your will to a charity of your choosing can be a massive help. 

I once read the story of a man with a learning disability who lived in a group home run by a charity for many years. Sadly, he developed cancer and moved to a local hospice for the last few weeks of his life. He’d always received great support from the group home and wonderful care from the hospice as his life came towards an end. 

When he died, his family donated a sizeable amount of his savings to the hospice. The manager of the group home couldn’t help themselves and said to the family: 

“You know we supported George all his life but couldn’t help but wonder why you chose to give the money to the hospice and not to us?” 

The family replied, “Well, you never asked, but the hospice did. We didn’t realise you needed the money”. 

That’s all there was to it, nothing personal; they’d never asked and they’d never explained why it would help their work. 

So as it’s Free Wills Month, we thought we’d ask. But we’re not just asking on our behalf; we’re asking you to consider any small charities dear to your heart. They may be feeling as awkward as we are about donations like this, which are invaluable in supporting our work as we strive to impact the lives of the individuals we work with positively. 

We also receive funding from other sources, but a gift to our charity in your will would make a significant difference. By doing so, you will leave a lasting legacy of support that will help ensure our mission can continue for generations to come. 

Making a bequest to our charity is straightforward. Simply go to Bequeathed, and they will guide you through writing your will. 

We recognize that this decision is a deeply personal one, and we respect whatever choice you make. But if you choose to support us through a bequest, we want you to know how grateful we are for your generosity. 

Find out more about writing your will. 

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Florence Little