FAQs about Gig Buddies

We get asked all sorts of questions about how Gig Buddies works so we thought it would be useful to share them. If you have any other questions do get in touch though.

What is Gig Buddies?

It’s a volunteer befriending scheme for adults with learning disabilities and autism, matching them with a volunteer who shares the same interests.

What is the youngest age group you work with?

We work with anyone over 18 years old

Who is the scheme aimed at?

Anyone can get involved but we’re particularly interested in working with those people who get little, or no, funded support as there is a risk that this group of people will be most at risk from social isolation.

We believe that if someone has funded support then it should be possible for them to enjoy an active social life with some creativity and flexibility from their support staff. Stay Up Late are always happy to be commissioned to do some staff training if teams need help with this.

Do volunteers get training?

Yes – all buddies go through our training programme (3 evening sessions which cover areas such as an introduction to learning disabilities, communication, safeguarding and ‘what to do if’ scenarios).

All volunteers also complete DBS checks.

Can you provide a volunteer for a one-off gig?

No. Gig Buddies is all about developing friendships and expanding an individuals’ social circles and informal support networks.

We won’t be able to provide one-off support to bolster staff hours or cover sickness. That’s not what we’re about.

Who decides on the buddy?

The team at Stay Up Late meet everyone who gets involved in the scheme, participants and volunteers and will conduct an initial interview. This will enable us to make an informed decision about who to match with who.

The participant and volunteer will then be introduced to each other and we will support their first gig together.

Participants and volunteers are also offered ongoing support and if for whatever reason it’s not working out we are happy to find a different volunteer.

Central to our core values though is that we want to change the power balance for people with learning disabilities so we believe they should be firmly in the driving seat when deciding if they like a volunteer or not. After all Gig Buddies is about building friendships.

On rare occasion staff have tried to make and end matches. We don’t believe this is appropriate.

What if the pairing doesn’t work out?

That’s totally fine, again we believe it is important to ensure that the buddy with a learning disability is in control of making decisions about who their buddy is. If it doesn’t work we’ll offer support to see if there’s something we can do but on the rare occasions it doesn’t work at all that’s fine, we’ll support someone to find a new buddy.

We’ll also support the buddy not to feel bad about themselves – sometimes these things happen and we’ll work with them to find a new matching.

How much does it cost?

Gig Buddies is a free service but we would expect a participant to pay their gig tickets and travel costs. We will reimburse volunteers for their expenses. (We can reimburse gig tickets up to £10).

We rely on funding to keep going so would appreciate any offers of support.

Is it all about music?

No – we encourage people to say what their ‘gig’ is. That could be playing/watching sport, walking, going to the theatre or church. Whatever someone’s interest we’ll aim to find a match.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes – we are restricted due to funding as to the capacity of the scheme. We also pride ourselves in Gig Buddies being a high quality service where we take time to get to know everyone. This means it can take a couple of months before you go out to your first gig.

Are you a user-led organisation?

Yes – all participants are invited to be part of the Storm and Thunder Team, which advises on the project and links with our board of trustees.

How do I get involved?

Click on the link to our project page and complete the short form (it’s the same form for volunteers and participants).

Do you organise gigs?

No. We do organise occasional fundraisers but we believe that all events should be for people with learning disabilities and Gig Buddies is all about being involved in mainstream community life.

We do however organise social meet-ups for buddies in pubs so people can share their experiences and meet each other.

Why are you only in Sussex?

Because that’s where we’re based! We can’t run a project like Gig Buddies in other counties as it’s all about building relationships. However, we’re really interested in helping other organisations and groups to set up their own Gig Buddies projects. If you’re interested in finding out more please contact Paul Richards, Director, email paul@stayuplate.org

How do buddies arrange gigs?

Buddies are encouraged to meet up for a coffee once a month and look through gig listings together. We’re also developing a web app which we’re hoping will enable buddies to easily find out what’s on, check out videos of bands and work out their gig life together.

How can carers and support workers help somebody with Gig Buddying?

The biggest challenge we find is that it’s sometimes difficult to make sure there’s good communication between volunteers and buddies. That’s where support staff can come in and make sure that dates have been written in the diary and that the staff team are 100% behind enabling the relationship to flourish. It’s also important that staff are aware of the best way of communicating with a buddy (phone, Facebook, email etc)

How are volunteers recruited? 

We find our volunteers through all sorts of ways, Universities, venues, employees of local companies, word of mouth and us advertising at various events and online. In some cases we’ll target specific interest groups if we’re looking for a volunteer with specific interests, or in a particular part of the county.


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