‘Drink up it’s time to go home’

  •  PaulR
  •  19/05/2015
  •  News

Here’s a guest blog Paul has written for RiPFA (Research in Practice for Adults) looking at ways in which we can change the way we support people with learning disabilities so they can lead the lives they choose. But it’s us (as support staff) who need to change…


‘Our charity started off, like a lot of social causes, in the pub over a beer. Our band had just played a gig and we were celebrating. It was a big deal for us at the time as this was our first ever gig with a non-disabled band and the pub was packed. It was something worth celebrating.

The moment was spoiled somewhat though by our drummer’s support worker saying the immortal words “come on, drink up, it’s time to go home”.’

Read the rest of the blog by clicking here…

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