A draft manifesto for change

Following my last post ’10 reasons why people with learning disabilities don’t have great lives’ which looked at everything that came out of our conference workshops last year I’ve now tried to condense everything that came out in to our ‘Manifesto for Change’.

This is a draft as we really want people to comment on it and make suggestions. It’s also deliberately short as we want to get this out there as much as possible so the idea is that we want to be able to fit it on to a tea mug.

Stay Up Late’s manifesto for change

For people with learning disabilities to be able to lead the lives they really want this is what we think needs to change.

We should be able to:

–       Choose our staff

–       Have happy staff who love their work

–       Choose our friends and have help to socialise if we need it

–       Choose where we live

–       Have relationships and a sex life

–       Choose our bedtime

–       Choose how we spend our time

–       Be welcome and active in our community

–       Not be referred to in negative ways in the media

That’s it! Let us know what you think










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