Dimensions and ODEON present ‘Autism Friendly Films’

  •  PaulR
  •  16/06/2011
  •  News

We thought you might be interested in the big project Dimensions have launched to screen autism and learning disability friendly films.

They’ve teamed up with ODEON to host an autism friendly screening of Mr Popper’s Penguins in cinemas across the country.

The screenings are at 11am on Thursday 11th August.

A full list of all of the 30+ cinemas involved is available at www.dimensions-uk.org/autismfilms

What makes the screenings autism friendly?
The lights will be on low
The volume will be turned down
You’ll be able to take your own food and drinks
You’ll be able to move around the cinema if you like.

Tickets go on sale on 2nd August.

Cinema tickets can be bought as normal from the cinema in your area or online through the ODEON website www.odeon.co.uk.

Support workers/carers can attend for free with a CEA card. To find out more about the CEA card and how to get one please visit www.ceacard.co.uk

If enough people attend on 11th August we hope that ODEON will continue to provide this service each month.

Recent Comments

  • tammy wetherman

    Saturday, 06 Aug, 2011

    this is a fab idea – would you consider doing a weekend even for us that parents that work? ive not yet taken my son to the cinema as worried about being judged by others as he finds it difficult to sit still and keep quiet etc
    would loved to have taken him to an even like this but i work in the week

    • PaulR

      Sunday, 07 Aug, 2011

      Hi Tammy
      Thanks for getting in touch – we weren’t responsible for putting this on, just helping to spread the word.
      I should get in touch with Dimensions http://www.dimensions-uk.org/autismfilms/ and see if they’ve got other things planned.
      Where abouts are you based?
      Best wishes
      Stay Up Late


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