CYA’s first over 18’s night: Going out-out!

I got an email today which just made my heart sing. Last year we met up with a group of young people from Coventry Youth Activists and we took them on a night out in Brighton.

They’ve now been on their own night out in Coventry but they’ve not done it by halves, as you’ll read, they’ve gone for a proper night out on the town.

They stayed up so late it started getting early again and the sun came up!

Read more about their all-nighter here.

Staying Up Late 9 to 5 (9pm to 5am at Edinburgh Fringe)

And while we’re at it we recently received this video from our partners at Gig Buddies in Edinburgh who did a 9pm to 5am all-nighter as part of the Edinburgh Fringe. Again another fantastic night out for everyone involved and just proves that with planning it’s not that hard to support people with learning disabilities to party all night.

Gig Buddies: Fringing 9-5

This August we held a 20 hour Edinburgh Festival Fringe marathon. This is what we got up to when we went 'Fringing 9-5'.

Posted by Gig Buddies – Scotland on Tuesday, 27 August 2019

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