Crowdfunding Challenge – #2

So our first task of the Crowdfunding Challenge has been to get as many ‘likes’ (at least 100) on our Facebook pages. There’s a also been a lot of love shared around as all the causes have been supporting each other. And the great thing is that some of the people who ‘liked’ us have gone on to love us and pledged money which is fantastic. At the moment we’re ticking along quite nicely.

Facebook's Infection

It was important though to make sure all our close family, friends and trustees got in on the action early to start building some momentum.

The week has involved a good deal of emailing, tweeting, facebooking and generally making people aware of what’s going on. I’ve also managed to get myself a slot to share my experiences at a Crowdfunding Workshop run by CrowdfundUK in Camden next week. I’m also running a training session for Brighton and Hove City Council about involving people with learning disabilities in quality checking of services, a project called The Q-Kit. I’ve managed to work a bit about our project in to the session and to tell them about the Challenge and I also fixed up a meeting with a friend who has used crowdfunding to successfully fund a film project.

We got some good feedback about the video on our profile page too. They said it was nice, short and to the point but the thumbnail wasn’t very inviting. In fact it was a picture of me! So that’s changed, 2 seconds on Youtube to upload a much more engaging photo sorted that out.

We’ve also had some good feedback about the rewards we’ve been offering – it was suggested maybe we’ve been a bit too generous! I don’t know, we’ll see, but we were committed to making sure this whole process benefited everyone.

So here’s a summary of the week’s successes:

– We got out 100+ ‘Likes’ in a day!

– We’ve chalked up over £200 of pledges

– Knocked up a quick leaflet to spread the word at our Kiss My Disco club night in Brighton.

– Got myself booked in on the CrowdfundUK workshop in Camden to share what I’m learning.

Some of the other things I’ve done to help me keep on top of things:

– Keeping a learning journal to reflect on what we’ve done and what we’ve learned.

– Written myself a short ‘Social Media’ things to do list so I don’t forget to post links on other sites such as the Yammer group.

Other things I’ve learned:

– Tweet and re-tweet, share the love and support each other.

– Keep thinking creatively. I’ve organised a fundraising lunch at work but I’m going to ask people to get involved in the Crowdfunding Challenge as well as just paying for a jacket spud.

– Crowdfunding isn’t a walk in the park! It needs constant attention and management, and my experience is that it’s been quite slow to build momentum for us.

– Thank everyone personally and involve them in what you’re doing.

– It’s not simply about getting ‘Likes’ on your Facebook page – there’s a lot of work to try and convert these in to donations.

– Spend a little bit of time on this every day. If you’ve got another job (like me) it can be quite overwhelming so take it on in bit sized chuncks.

The week’s lowpoint!

– I rather stupidly managed to delete my entire inbox which meant a very frustrating evening of undeleting and redelting 3 months worth of mail. You don’t want to be creating unnecessary work for yourself like this I can  tell you!

So all in all it’s been a week full of learning and activity and we’re starting to get somewhere. I wonder what next week’s task is going to be?

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us so far.

And you can follow our progress here as we continue to try and build our crowd!


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