Crowdfunding Challenge #5

  •  PaulR
  •  10/11/2012
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This week has been a busy and exciting week for us because we’ve been preparing to launch the advert for our first ever paid worker – which has now gone live on our website. We’re also advertising for a developer to create a new web app for Gig Buddies so it’s all exciting new territory for us.

As ever we’re trying to do it on the cheap and despite the local paper trying to sell us ‘cheap’ advertising for £399 the applications are starting to come in just through us using free sites and social media. We have spent $50 on a Facebook ad just to see how this works and one of the results is that our ‘likes’ have been ticking over nicely.

So back to te Crowdfunding Challenge – I’d been reading this article on using Pinterest and had posted it up the Yammer group to share. It’s been really interesting to think up how we can depict our Core Values pictorially, and I’m struggling for inspiration but here’s the work so far, along with some boards showing our projects. Stay Up Late Pinterest
Dog on Hove seafront

The online donations have still been slowly coming in but we’ve also had some success with offline donations. We’ve run a few events from a club night to cake mornings and I’d say that for the best return on investment a cake morning is easily the most cost effective way of raising funds, especially if you ask for donated cakes. Club nights and events like that are great for raising awareness and publicity, and for having fun, but they’re a lot of work and the aim of those isn’t really to generate money in our view. There’s easier ways. I’ve also been opportunistic when I asked if I could support a local church who were putting on some concerts by lending them our PA system and set it up for them, of course I said I’d be happy to but then told them about the fundraising challenge and what we were trying to achieve – and today a cheque for £75 came through the door! So all in all with cakes, clubs, spuds and helping other people out we’ve managed to make £225 in offline donations.

As it stands the donations have got to £715 out of £1000 and if you can spare £10 or more to spare we’d love to hear from you. The rewards will be fabulous.

Donate here at Buzzbnk

The challenge this week has all been about events and it’s got me thinking about other sponsored/fundraising events we could undertake. I’m not a big fan of sponsored events where there’s no outcome but one idea I’ve had, whilst walking on the seafront looking for inspiration, is a day of mass citizenship called ‘Stay Up Late’s crap day out’ where we clean up dogs mess on Hove seafront. I’m sure the health and safety police may want to have some input, but it’s an idea worth pursuing, and could be a great way of promoting our cause, making a serious point, and cleaning the place up. Perfect! We could even involve conscientious dog owners in the activity. And of course it would help us raise awareness of the ‘crap’ nights out some people with learning disabilities have because they go home before the end of an event.

Other ideas have been a ‘Late BBQ’ – late in the year, and late in the evening Stay Up ‘Latte’ coffee morning, and a national Stay Up Late day when the clocks go back next year.

Now I’ve got another club night to promote but more on the Crowd Funding Challenge soon – and we’re inching towards our target so thanks to everyone for all the support.







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