Crowdfunding Challenge #4

  •  PaulR
  •  27/10/2012
  •  News

It’s been another busy week. But we’ve been busy doing other things and it really feels like the campaign has hit a bit of a slump but we’ve needed to balance it with our other work.

So we’ve been planning and promoting more of our Kiss My Disco club nights, bringing up Gig Buddies and the Crowdfunding Challenge wherever we can. We were also invited to deliver a lecture at Brighton University to the collaborative arts students about the work of Heavy Load, but also how we’d used the spirit of punk to create Stay Up Late and how we’re now trying to change things. They were extremely interested in Gig Buddies and I’ve also had a very exciting meeting with the university who are interested in linking up with us to provide volunteers.

Back to the Challenge! Well it was a challenge in a busy week – to email 50 contacts with a personal message. Leading up to it I’d sent out one of our standard email newsletters and put in pictures of the rewards – but the result wasn’t great. I think we had one donation as a result of that. But when I finally managed to get round to sending the 50 emails our donations jumped immediately. So it works!

I’ve also got a trade secret if you want to send the same email to loads of people, but want to personalise them all, and add an attachment (which mail merging won’t let you do). What I do is save the email I want to write as my email signature. That way every time you click new message it’s all there for you to add a name and some personal message.

Another couple of nice things have happened – we had a colleague at work pass the hat round at a gig he was playing in aid of the challenge and we’ve also had a re-tweet from a Sunday Times journalist contact we’ve got.

Then yesterday, as a result of my personal email, I had a phone call from a lead learning disability commissioner from a local authority who has shared what we’re doing with his contacts and could potentially be linking us in with someone quite well known in the music industry when the project goes live. So whilst not everything has been cold hard cash we’ve certainly had a productive week and news of the campaign continues to grow.

So as we end the week we’re still on track and need to raise about £12.50 a day. We’re going to have to dream up some pretty punk/DIY way of making that happen quickly. Good job we’ve got an extra an hour today!


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