Crowdfunding challenge #1

So we’re at the end of the first week of the Crowdfunding challenge, organised by NCVO, and my head is spinning. At the start of this I didn’t really know a great deal about Crowdfunding and what it involved. Basically this is it:

–       We set a target (£1000 in our case)

–       We ask loads of people for a little amount of money

–       In return we give something back

–       If we don’t make the target we give all the money back.

So the chips are down and we’re working hard to try and make this happen. Our idea is that it will also be a great way of thinking how we can sustainably fund our Gig Buddies project.

Gig Buddies is our plan to link up music fans with and without learning disabilities so they can attend gigs together.

This initial funding will help us get it advertised and start to train up and support our first group of buddies.

We’re just getting a profile page sorted out on Buzzbank, the crowd funding platform, (which will be live very soon) we’ve posted up a little video about Gig Buddies and now I’m scratching my head thinking of some unique Stay Up Late related things we can give you in return for your kind donations. More on that soon – but I think we’ve come up with some fun ideas which you’ll hopefully enjoy.

I’ll be letting you know how we get on this week as we start telling everyone about this.


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