Creative writing session – 26th June ’14

Who was there? Daniel, Luke, Bernie, Jesse and Kate.

We had a visitor called Naomi come and do a creative writing workshop for us. We talked about writing our blog and writing stories.

Group photo

1.)What makes a good blog?

Exciting things to read. Something different. Our blog is about learning disabilities and music.

2.) What do we write about?

What we have been up too. If we have been to a gig. We write about what is important to us. Michael likes his gig buddy Catherine and they went to a gig together and danced. Bernie and his gig buddy went to his cousin’s wedding blessing together and they both wore a suit! Luke likes Red hot chilli peppers and fashion is important to him. Kate loves Luke’s customised Zombie Crash T-shirt. Jesse said joining Stay up Late has helped him talk to more people. Michael would like to write some creative writing for the blog as his ambition is to be an author. He likes to read words very carefully.

group at work

3.) Can our blog be critical?

Sometimes we get angry about things and we can write this on the blog if it is important to us. Daniel felt negative about the train and wanted to talk about it with the team.

4.) What makes a good story?

Michael likes thrillers and is reading a medical thriller. He likes characters that are like celebrities with jet setting life styles! We like to relate to the character in the book. If someone is nervous and we are sometimes nervous we can relate to them.

Dan and Bernie

5.) How can we describe what we feel?

Michael acted out the feeling of laughter. Jesse said laughter makes him think of the colour green. Naomi helped us think of green things that made us laugh- like touching the tickly grass.Jesse said the smell of white pepper made him laugh! Michael said jelly is like laughter- wobbling! And drifting and floating is a happy feeling. We all agreed fizzy lemonade reminds us of laughter.

Naomi helped us turn this into a sentence – ‘her laughter was green like the grass’ and we learnt that using a comparison that makes something stand out makes our writing more interesting but we can still relate to it because it is from our world.

Naomi and Michael

6.)What could we write about for our story?

We like to stay up late! We are ‘Night owls’ so we could write a story about going to a party. Luke’s alter ego is called ‘Sir Antony’ and we decided he would be the main character.

You can read our story below…..

(to be continued!)

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