Creating the Wild Things jukebox – day 2

The gaffer arrived thank you uni bond. The head was still sitting over 3 heaters and there was one part still sticky and gooey. Whilst drying, Matthew made some ears and we then cut up the tape. There was a bit of excitement for us as we blew a fuse when we put the radio on. We located the fault to a dodgy extension cable. Once fired up again we had classic FM blaring (Matthew’s choice) and the head dried off quickly once we taken off all the plastic to allow more air to circulate. We were able to improve on the shape by carving with a serrated breadknife. The small plastic model was really useful for this. Once the head was carved and bits of shaped insulating foam added to areas of need, we were ready to begin taping the beast all over. Supplied with a table full of torn pieces we set to work until it was covered.




Then the detail. Ears, eyes, lips and nostrils. These were all made separately with the same two materials and then added. Over tea we looked at areas that needed adjustments which resulted in cutting a bit more off the horn, it was a bit too fat. Matthew attached the ears to the front horn which I thought looked rather good, but we decided the audience would find this arrangement a bit hard to cope with so with a bit of anatomical research Matthew positioned them on top of the head. Jo came in to the finished product and took some photos of us posing.

imageOne down and two to go!


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