Coping with lockdown: Kate’s eco-friendly top tips

Coping with lockdown: Kate’s eco-friendly top tips

Embrace the punk attitude of  ‘don’t follow the masses!’ and shop like an eco warrior in 3 simple steps

As stock becomes harder to get hold of and we are being asked by the government to go out less, now is the time to consider changing the way you shop forever.


In our household we subscribe to eco friendly bamboo toilet roll and it’s delivered in one big box every 2 months – great during lockdown as you know you will get some even when the shops have run out!

Why is bamboo better than regular toilet paper? Regular toilet paper involves chopping down lots of forests. Bamboo grows 30 times faster than trees and produces more oxygen for the planet.


We use our local refill store that we can walk to for washing up liquid, shampoo and household cleaning products – re-using our own containers to stop single use plastic.

Refill stores are adhering to the social distancing rules too and often also sell cupboard food items like pasta, rice and cereal.


Consider getting fruit and veg boxes delivered to your door from a local farm or greengrocer. It may be a little but more expensive than the supermarket but it comes in much less plastic wrapping and is usually grown locally so much better for the planet and only order what you need to stop waste. You can also get things like local eggs included.

During lock down it means you can avoid the long queues at supermarkets at support your local farmers.

The Real Junk Food project are one of many local organisations helping with the food crisis by offering a pay what you can donation towards food that would have gone in the bin from supermarkets.

You can collect a pre-packaged meal to go in Brighton and Hove– see their website for info. They have other projects like this around the country.

Green Charter

Before lockdown we recently launched our Green Charter for Stay Up Late and Gig Buddies. You can read all about it here



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