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  •  15/04/2012
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C-ChangeDates-n-mates are very pleased to say that club LATE has been a huge success! Some 280 people joined them to launch Scotland’s first truly inclusive club night, packing the dance floor from beginning to end.

They say a huge thanks goes to the DJ’s on the night who were DJ Bowers and Capital FM DJ Garry Spence, they also say a big thank you to The Arches for hosting the night.

Click Here To View Photo’s From Club LATE (10/04/12)

Here’s a small article about the night:

LATE for me was more than a club night, it was a moment. To anyone who did not know what LATE was all about, on entering the Arches on the evening of Tuesday 10th of April, coming into the main room they would have thought its a busy club night with a great atmosphere and a very enthusiastic crowd, though it was this it was also so much more than that.

It was a moment because, this was the first proper club night of its type ever held in Scotland. A genuinely inclusive club night welcoming people with learning difficulties though open to all. For four hours on Tuesday 10th the divide between ‘able’ and ‘disabled’ was all but gone, people with and without disabilities danced, drank and enjoyed themselves in a way I have never seen before.

DJ’s playing on the night were with and without a learning disability. I do not think anyone who was not already aware noticed and if they did not thats because it really did not matter. Labels only applied to the genre of the music and not to who was playing it.

For me LATE marked a fundamental shift in our society, a decade after the closure of large institutions such as Lennox Castle Hospital where male and females were purposely segregated. Where a night out for people with a learning disability meant a few cans of cola for two hours in a brightly lit community hall.

It was a moment because 300 people with and without a learning disability had a proper night out in one of Europe’s top night clubs. Not so long ago this would have been unthinkable, now the question is why has this not happened in Scotland until now. Though as they say, better LATE than never!

Dougie Graham

(Media Co-ordinator at C-Change)

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