Community Engagement project – freelance project manager opportunity

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  •  05/10/2020
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Community Engagement project – freelance project manager opportunity (6 months)

Are you familiar with grassroots community work in Brighton and Hove?

Do you have community and engagement and project management experience?

Stay Up Late are working with a church in central Brighton to reimagine how their beautiful and large, yet underused, building could be turned in to a community hub.

We’re working with other local community groups to create  an exciting vision – a place where people can come together to connect in a Covid-safe way.

Our participants at Stay Up Late are adults with learning disabilities. We’re all about creating an environment where people make decisions about how they want to live their life, meet other people, have fun, and enjoy an adult social life in mainstream spaces.

Covid-19 has created a lot of challenges for our participants and made it even more difficult for people to connect and access social environments. Many of these people live alone, in supported accommodation, or with an aging parent, and are reliant on a support worker to get amongst it and socialise.  Our Community Hub project is to create an alternative indoor space where people can connect, meet, socialise and find out about projects (online or face to face depending on current restrictions).  By bringing together a range of inclusive community projects, and reaching out to people who are the most isolated, this project will put the groundwork in place so that we can offer an alternative way for people to come together in a covid-safe way, ready to throw the doors open as soon as Covid-19 regulations allow!

Before we can do that there is a whole load of other opportunities that we want to explore, and possible partnerships to make (in agreement with the church).

We are also wanting to create as much of a Covid-safe place to meet (subject to the guidelines at any specific time) enabling socially isolated members of our community to re-connect.

If you are an experienced project manager with a good amount of community development experience and would like the opportunity to work with us over the next 6 months in helping us to realise our collective vision for this church please get in touch.

Deliverables – what we need

To give you an idea of the sort of things we want to achieve from this project:

  • We like to find someone who is skilled in finding, reaching and creating pathways for people who are the most isolated. (For example, people with learning disabilities living at home with older parents and people who are not digitally active)
  • Making links with people from BAME communities to increase our representation in this area
  • As well as scoping out new connections we would expect you to be following up on these to develop these possible partnerships
  • A final report

The project needs to be completed by 31st March ’21.

We would expect the successful candidate to be able to take on this work themselves!

Who we need

We’re looking for a hands-on, practical do-er with a good understanding of life in Brighton and Hove, able to work at the grassroots of the community. Someone who’s able to hold, develop and complete the community development piece of work to full fruition. What we don’t want is a whole bunch of leads that we need to follow up on.

This is a responsive project to peoples changing needs in during Covid restrictions, and we would like your proposal to be reflect current and realistic possibilities. We’d love to work with someone that’s as excited about bringing communities together as we are, and is able follow through on the development work to bring our Community Hub alive with people who’ll benefit from it the most.

How to apply?

Please send a letter as your proposal (no more than two sides of A4) along with your CV.

We need someone in place as soon as possible and are looking for someone who is set up as a freelance and can hit the ground running.

Please send your proposals to us by Monday 19th October 5pm to

Budget (for 6 months)

We have a fixed budget if £13,000 to deliver this work. The way that you organise your time to deliver it is flexible. Please tell us in your proposal how many days per week you’d offer during a six month period within this budget.

Deadline to apply

Just to repeat – the deadline for applications is Monday 19th October at 5pm.

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