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  •  10/03/2010
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The Advocacy Project work with Adults with a Learning Disability in Westminster, Camden and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Before Christmas they asked their members what they did on a Saturday night. Here are some of their comments:
“On Saturdays I feel bored. I want to go out but it depends how many staff there are. I couldn’t go to Rock the Boat.”
“I’m going to a Christmas party”
“I went to a Christmas disco in Hammersmith. I don’t do much on Saturdays, maybe watch tv.”
“I eat in at home on Saturdays. I used to play darts & pool in the Elephant & Castle pub. I like a pint. I went on my own. I always watch the football on tv on Saturday night and sing along to the X Factor!”
“we visit friends. We went to Luke’s work Christmas party. We watch QPR football on Saturdays.”
“I would like to go bowling, or to the theatre or a concert.”
“Sometimes I stay at home on Saturdays or sometimes see friends. I would like to go out for a drink with friends or to see films.”
They wanted me to let you know what they had said. They want us to put info about nights out on our website.

The Advocacy Project

So there’s some good news but we reckon also a lot of room for improvement.
Thanks to the Advocacy Project for letting us know about this.

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