‘Collaborators or Patients?

It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that quality of care is a hot topic (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-22997705). The Care Quality Commission is accused of having a generic inspection process and of hiding its own shortcomings when it comes to what it has and hasn’t found in its work. Professionals challenging professionals about the quality of care is interesting – but is it the only story?

When it comes to understanding the quality of care the voice if service users can really challenge what works. It is an approach that necessarily avoids a tick box and challenges assumptions about what is most important in care. It recognises that service users aren’t patients – but active collaborators in their own care. Once we recognise this it really liberates what is possible and identifies what works.

The Q-Kit is one way to start opening the can on this. It’s a quality testing tool that we developed in partnership with Southdown Housing Association, and co-created with a group of people with learning disabilities. It asks people with learning disabilities what they define as quality to them where they live, and the checks are carried out by a trained team of peer reviewers with learning disabilities.

We would love to see more and more people using tools like The Q-Kit to hand the power over to service users, and enable them to start voicing what they really think of services. So whilst we don’t have the answers here at Stay Up Late we certainly do have an awful lot of questions. Questions written by people with learning disabilities too!




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