Clash in the Castle – one man’s journey to see WWE in Cardiff on his own

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  •  07/10/2022
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My name is Andrew and I have learning disabilities. I also absolutely love wrestling! I first started watching it in 2001, when I saw The Rock joking with Booker T on Smackdown and I thought it was hilarious. I became a major fan and continued watching it on TV, I also went to some WWE tours to see it. But I had never been to see WWE on live pay per view before.

When I saw Clash in the Castle was happening in Cardiff, my first thought was ‘I’ve got to go to this!’. I ordered a ticket straight away. But I had never travelled that far on my own before – I’d been to London and Manchester a few times, but I always had a carer with me. So I wanted to see if I could do something by myself; I wanted to challenge myself and achieve something new.

Planning the journey

My key worker helped me plan the journey. It was a long and complicated one with a lot of changes to get to the wrestling stadium in Cardiff. She helped me book the tickets and made a schedule for the trains and coaches I needed to take, so it was clear and easy to understand.

Getting there on my own

Then the day came; I was about to travel to Wales by myself. First, I took the train to London Victoria. I got off the train and went to the coach station, where I got on the coach to Swindon. Here I checked into a hotel to stay the night, then the next day I got another bus to the stadium.

The event

When I got there I told the steward I have learning disabilities and needed help finding my seat. The staff were great; they showed me to my seat and also let me go at the front to avoid all the crowds. I met Triple H, the most famous WWE wrestler, and told him about the journey I had taken alone. He told me I should be really proud of myself – and I am.

Coming home

The next day it was time to do the journey again to get home. This was when I had a problem. My phone battery had died and I couldn’t remember where the coach was. For a minute I was upset and stressed, but then I told myself: ‘come on, you can do this!’. I thought about what I should do, then I saw another coach parked by the road. I realised the driver would know where the coach station was so I went to ask for directions.

I’ve proved something to myself

With his help I found the right coach and managed to travel home again. I was feeling an amazing sense of achievement. I want people to know that the journey I did was possible, not impossible. I am so proud of myself for doing it, and it just shows that if I can do it, so can other people. Having a learning disability shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want, and I have just proved it.

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