Charity mission and values – What we believe!

Stay Up Late’s charity mission and values.

As a charity, our history has been written by the communities that we’ve grown out of – people who believe that every person with a learning disability should be able to stay up late! We recently brought together different people involved in our work – the Storm and Thunder Team, the staff, the trustees, and various gig buddies to write our collective vision – what we believe and what we do!

So here’s our vision, our mission and our values…

charity mission statement

Stay Up Late’s charity mission and values

Our vision: 

For people with learning disabilities to know they can stay up late.

Our mission: 

To ensure that people with learning disabilities are fully involved in making decisions about all aspects of their lives.

To ensure that everyone with a learning disability has the opportunity to enjoy a full and active social life.

We believe that people with learning disabilities have a full and active role to play in their communities and strive to break down any obstacles to this.

Our values:

Community, innovation, risk-taking, respect, transparency and keeping it punk!

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