In April 2016 a campaign was held called ‘7 Days of Action‘ to draw attention to the injustices of the 3000 people with learning disabilities and autism held in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) across the UK. Often these people are also held 100s of miles from their family home. The idea behind our Assessment and Treatment Units Map is to ask if people are able to offer free accommodation to the families visiting their loved one.


We don’t know exactly where all the ATUs are so we’ve put red markers to show the locations of the trusts and private providers. The blue markers are to show where people have offered space in their homes for free (which is amazing!).

Red pins = locations of trusts and organisations

Blue pins = offers of help with accommodation

If you’re looking for accommodation just click on the blue markers near where you need to go and a name and contact details will pop up. You then just need to make direct contact.

If you want your name added, or removed, from the map just drop us a line and we’ll sort it out.

Drop us a line if you can help, or know of an ATU not on the map.*


Get involved first by reading this blog The ATUs Scandal. It suggests 12 ways that you can get involved, and the 7 days starts on 18th April 2016.

Also please join the Facebook group too.

  • Share the stories.

(On social media, verbally, send the links to people you know).

Here’s a moving interview with Debbie Evans talking about her son Eden.

  • Sign the petitions.
  • Contact your local press and media.
  • Lobby your MPs.
  • Write to your local commissioners.
  • Discuss how to stop family members being sent to ATUs.
  • Learn your Mental Health Act & Mental Capacity Act to stop this happening to your family members.
  • Support the families’ legal action
  • Can you offer lifts to families who have hundreds of miles to travel to visit their loved ones?
  • Can you offer overnight accommodation if you live near to any of the ATUs?
  • Lend your experience and ideas to the families.
  • Never forget. We are talking human lives.

So please get involved now in whatever way you can to help end this misery, and highlight this national scandal and give a voice to the voiceless.

Read more about the work we’re doing to campaign for change in regular care settings too. It’s not hard to turn a supported living one bedroom flat in to an institution too. Just impose a load of inflexible rules and systems. That has to change too.

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