Campaigns, top tips food and fun – Daniel reports on Ambassadors’ Day

Stay Up Late Ambassador, Daniel Randall-Nason reports on Ambassadors’ Day

Our Ambassadors are the public face of our campaigning – adults with a learning disability and/or autism who help us get the word out. This year we couldn’t hold our annual Ambassadors’ Day as a physical event due to the ongoing covid situation – but we did bring people together on Zoom. Daniel reports back here.

Welcome from Paul

Stay Up Late Director, Paul Richards, did the welcome speech. Although it had been a difficult time for many of us, Paul put the year into perspective. He talked about how much the Ambassadors’ network had grown through Zoom meetings – connecting people all around the country.

Celebrating our achievements with Jason

Jason then went on to talk about our achievements and went around the room and got everyone to talk about their achievements.

Aaron’s presentation

Aaron’s presentation was about being a leader and activist in your community and he gave us some great top tips.

Launching our campaign pledges

Sophie introduced our ten campaign pledges and we all talked about why they were important to us.

Stay Up Late: our ten campaign pledges – we want

  1. To be able to choose where we live and choose the people in our lives who are happy to support us

  2. To be able to socialise, make our own friends, fall in love and have relationships

  3. To be able to make our own decisions

  4. To have the opportunity of a paid job if we want one

  5. Pubs, venues and other places to be welcoming and accessible for everyone regardless of disability

  6. To be able to stay out late, have fun and choose when we go to bed #NoBedtimes

  7. To have the support we need to feel more independent again after lockdown restrictions end

  8. For everyone to feel welcome and no discrimination regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality or disability

  9. To educate people, speak up for our rights and have our voices heard

  10. To have a full life and be valued for who we are

Lunch – the buffet!

This was followed by Chef Daniel (me) producing lunch from all his ingredients and presenting his buffet. (not everyone could eat the buffet as we were holding the conference on Zoom but at least everyone got to see it!)

Workshop on public speaking

After lunch we had role-play exercises with a session on public speaking and more top tips.

Feedback session

This was followed by Ambassador Daniel (me) running the feedback session. People talked about what they got out of the day and things they would like to do in future.

I am very proud to be a Stay Up Late Ambassador and was glad to be part of the day. This is Chef Daniel signing off!

Help us by donating

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